Cole Haan Sale...should I Get It?!?!

  1. dilemma...i bought a coach carly in december and a kooba natasha last week...(tutored my BUTT off to get them!!!!)...i just saw this bag and think it's adorable...should i get it? what do you guys think of cole haan?!?!

    Cole Haan : Women's SHOULDER SATCHEL : Village Collection Handbags
  2. I personally LOVE Cole Haan- the quality is great and most items are reasonably priced. But honestly I'm not crazy about this particuar bag :shrugs:
  3. what don't you like about it? maybe that will help me make a decision!!!!
  4. I don't love it, but the price is great and you should definitely get it if you like it!
  5. i said it before...cole haan makes gorgeous bags. go for it if you like it! you can always return it. there are other village styles in black that i prefer to this one, but if this one speaks to you, go for it.
  6. Cole Haan is one of my personal favorites. I love the quality. You can't say enough about the quality of the leather and hardware. I think that is a great bag. If you were going for a softer leather, this would not be it, because I can guarantee that particular bag will be pretty structured, but you will love the leather!!!
  7. I personally like it. I have a Cole Haan, and they do indeed have really great bags....
  8. Whever I see a bag that I think 'oh that's so pretty' and I look at the brand, it's almost always a Cole Haan.

    I'm not fan of the above style though. I like my bags to be somewhat more square in this:

  9. Their bag quality is excellent for the price!:yes:
  10. It is clearly a very nice bag, and if you love it you should get it! However, I would personally go for something that stands out a little more, but that is my own style.
  11. I love Cole Haan! That's a great price!
  12. I think it's nice! I ordered one of the sale bags (small box satchel in black - Village Collection) and it should be here tomorrow!!!:yahoo: Some of their bags are a lot bigger in person than I thought...Their "medium" bags are HUGE!