Cole Haan Red Patent Leather Frame Satchel POLL

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Cole Haan Red Patent Frame Satchel

  1. Love!

  2. Hate!

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  1. Hi again everyone!! Please forgive me, but I have just one more poll!

    I was hoping to get some opinions on this bag which I have never before seen up until now. It is a frame bag in red patent leather from Cole Haan.

    Any thoughts are appreciated, whether you like the bag, dislike the bag, you own the bag ect...!

    The Diet Coke can is for size reference.

    It is a small hand-held bag that measures 11 inches long and perhaps 6 or 7 inches high.

    TIA again!:heart::yes:

  2. I considered getting this bag but decided that it wasn't practical for me. I think that it's a really cute bag, love the shape and color.
  3. ^Really!? What store did you see it at?
  4. It's adorable, but not for me.
  5. cute ! I love Cole Haan bags, I was in the store the other day, they have some really nice things. Not my fav cole Haan bag but cute
  6. I saw it at Dillards.
  7. I think it's super cute, although it's a tad small for my taste. I still voted "love it"!!!...
  8. Too small. I'd go with an oversized clutch over a bag this size...
  9. Not my favorite Cole Haan.
  10. I love it, it looks so cute.
  11. Love it, but it does look a bit small..
  12. It's stunning, I however could not use it as it is too small.