cole haan phoebe crossbody

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  1. hi all!
    i was on the cole-haan website the other day and saw this bag and really liked it a lot...i then saw it in a magazine and liked the way it looked on the model...question: has anyone seen this bag irl? if so, what do you think of it? the measurements are: 9x8x1 so i'm wondering if it's too small...also, do you think it can be worn as a shoulderbag or just cross body? thanks! photo is from the cole haan website...
  2. I haven't seen it IRL, but the picture looks cute. Personally the measurements are too small for me. Are you used to wearing big bags?
  3. i'm used to wearing medium sized bags...i think this one may be a little bit small but i love it! yet, when i've bought bags i've loved in the past that didn't fit all my stuff, i wasn't a happy, i think i'll have to go to a cole haan store to see what will/won't fit...thanks!!!
  4. If you love it go for it. I would def. go see it IRL though.
  5. I just bought this exact bag in Argent...and you can even take the strap off and use it as a is SUPER slouchy and holds a lot more than you think...I LOVE it...and you can't beat the price and the quality of Cole Haan!
  6. Aaargh! I just bought a RM MAC but this looks even better!!!!
  7. I think it's really cute! I have to say that I am happy with the direction that Cole Haan is going in lately - the designs seem more up to date and as always the quality is wonderful. :smile:

  8. well, i saw the bagb in real life and it's very small...BUT, i went see my sa at another store that sells cole haan and saw the phoebe slouchy hobo from the same line...she's GORGEOUS! the distressed leather is beautiful, the braided handle and detail is gorgeous and there's just the right amount of hardware and i got a discount on it as well because of some promo going on! i tried to cut and paste the picture from the cole haan website but was unable to, so, if you have a minute, check it out...i got it in the saddle's really a great bag...interesting too, because i ALWAYS fall in love with bags that are 500+ and this was love at first sight at 348.00!!! would love to know what you think of it!
  9. I happened to come across the Phoebe hobo today while perusing the Cole Haan site-I really liked the bag-honestly I'm trying to distract myself from thinking I "need" a LV azur bag for Spring. I really believe Cole Haan quality is so much better for a fraction of LV cost! Sometimes I thin CH would be more popular if the prices were more inflated=then people would think it was more 'exclusive"
  10. :bump: did anyone else ever get this bag? and how do you like the size? zappos has got a really great deal on it right now and you can't beat zappos for the free shipping both ways and no tax.. etc.

    Also, how's the leather feel?

    I'm really interested and might buy this weekend, so any help would me appreciated :smile::yahoo:
  11. I'm also eyeing that bag since I've seen that it is on sale!
  12. #12 Jul 27, 2010
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2010
    Wow..that bag is affordable at Zappos.
    I bought a cole haan raleigh in woodbury nubuck and it's still $350 at Zappos and at Lunaboston its $230..thats a big savings..
  13. yea... I'm thinking I might order one this weekend. I have no clue though
  14. congrats in advance for you new cole haan, klb.
  15. klb, seems like we always have the same problem with our decisions :biggrin: