Cole Haan patent zip satchel- opinions please?

  1. Hi all, I've been looking into Cole Haan bags recently and wondered what you all thought of this one. Do you think it's too shiny? too trendy? what about the belted part? :confused1:TIA!
  2. i like the shape and color but not too crazy about patent leather.
  3. Cole Haan is one of the most underrated designer bags. I've seen this bag, and iti gorgeous! The inside is well designed with lots of space. I'm not a patent person but I do love how it looks on other people. If you're worried about being too trendy, maybe you could pick it up in black? I believe they also make a dark brown croc version that's really stunning.
  4. black bag.jpg
  5. I like the bag in the white version. But you know I could deal with red too...
    I think if you like it, get it because there is only one person you have to please "Yourself"..
  6. I really like it. It looks very classy yet trendy!
  7. I really like it.... the patent leather is just gorgeous.... I'm so relieved it doesn't come in blue! :p
  8. ive been eyeing their smaller patent bag in another style! i think their bags r great quality and have more details/pockets than most higher end bags. I cant wait to see the patent leather in person.... im hoping they would have some sort of xmas disocunt so i can get the bag and mmm maybe some boots ! =)))) I hope u get the bag!
  9. I really like it! Even I don't like patent, but I found this bag in patent is very pretty. :tup:
  10. Cole Haan bags are amazing and that style is so cute! I'm not big on patent leather, but if you love it, go for it!!
  11. i love that patent bag!!!

    thanks a lot! now it's another thing on my wishlist! -_- :p

  12. Haha sorry annie! :nuts:
    Voodoo- you're a blue bag addict huh? ;) I like blue too.

    Thanks for all your input everyone. I think I have to see it IRL before I can decide. I definitely want my next bag to be RED, I'm trying to narrow it down between LV red epi, Kooba, Cole Haan.. I take months to make a decision :rolleyes: But Cole Haan does seem to have a nice timeless, classic, understated look.:tup:
  13. I am not really a patent girl, but I agree about liking the shape and everything else. I think if you like it then totally go for it!!
  14. I love the patent and Cole Haan.
    last year I made a trip to the grocery store in my red patent shoes and stumble over the pavement, the tip of the shoe was ruined. The bad thing about patent if it gets damaged you can do literally nothing.
    Scratches, damages scream right at you.
    If patent is black or dark brown it is possible to color it if it is red or white...
    If you don't mind spending that kind of money and enjoy the bag for the time you used it it is definetely worth it.
  15. gorgeous