Cole Haan Paige now up on NM Sale page! $252

  1. Girls! The Paige large convertible tote that is so hard to find is on the sale page under totes...
    But I called Zappos to price match it and they did! They also gave me free shipping, plus since I ordered before 1pm, it's free ONE DAY shipping at no cost..PLUS they have price protection so they matched NM price of $252 AND gave me discount for the to me was $238 out the door!
    Try it but the NM page has to show that it is in stock so hurry!
    Best of luck!
  2. Congratulations! Beautiful bag.
  3. Congrats on the good deal!

    I just bought my first Cole Haan bag on Sunday. This was also on sale at NM and for close to $200, but LUCKILY I 'accidentally' found it at Nordstrom for $146!

  4. I really like that. I like CH overall; I think they are quite under rated for bags and you can really catch some great values on sale. Nice bag and a great price you got! Congrats!
  5. woo hoo got it today at NM for 164!!
  6. wow! you got the paige for $164!!???
  7. DiamondGirl1, were you talking about the tote in the first picture or the second picture?
    23988983_D1.jpg NMV8641_mn.jpg
  8. 2nd's back on NM but in Putty color...for $252. I got the black and it's really a great bag...wonderful leather, soft, smooshy, and it will hold a laptop.
  9. Sweet! Because of you, I got it in black too, price matched from NM and Zappos...for 252-ish! Is it too big? tell me how much you love it!
  10. I love it! It's all in the has an adjustable shoulder strap and the handles hang down, but INSIDE the bag, so it's not awkward at all. Lots of room, pockets, and just a fabulous leather for the price. And the outside pockets are just deep enough for a cell phone/blackberry/set of keys, which is very handy. I immediately made it my everyday bag... since you got from Zappos you'll probably have it Monday or Tuesday sure to post what you think! congrats and I hope you love it as much as I do!
  11. And NO it's not too big! It's perfect for lots of things...and I hope it makes up for that Theory tote you got and disliked...!
  12. Thank you Diamondgirl! That Theory tote was horrid! But I have a good feeling about the Paige. I just hope it is "corporate" enough and "law office-y" enough. What do you think?

    Im pretty stoked about the deal I got...I think I may have bought the last one on Zappos!
  13. PS: How did you remember about the Theory tote! LOL
  14. Foxi, it is absolutely corporate enough. It's perfect for the office, you will see. It can also be used for a laptop, it's a great size bag.
    I remember the Theory because I had seen it and then saw your post online about it,,and I remember thinking you had good taste. I was following the thread and was sad when you were disappointed...and I thought for the price of Theory, it was too bad the quality wasn't there.
    It just stuck in my mind...
  15. WOW! Got it today. HUGE bag but I am hugely in love with it! Soft and supple black leather, tasteful metal accents, good zipper action (dont you hate those bags with zippers you have to fight with to open!?) Roomy interior, thoughtful pockets that are shaped in a molded style..not flat against the lining, and extremely high quality dark brown expresso lining. Im in love! My only qualm is the size I mentioned earlier...I am 5'3 and dont know if I will look stupid carrying this bag...BUT it is def large enough for textbooks, a laptop and more.

    Diamondgirl: How tall are you? Does the size bother you at all?