Cole Haan now availalbe at Macys

  1. FYI: Just checked the Macys website and Cole Haan handbags are now available online (and I'm assuming in stores).

    Good news for all us CH fans! Just another place to find these great and very under-rated bags!:tup:

    I'm crossing my fingers that they start carrying CH shoes as well!
  2. Thank you for the info! I can't wait for Macy's to sell the shoes!!
  3. Interesting...thanks for the update, I'll be on the look out at my Macys!!!
  4. They sell CH shoes in my local Macys already.
  5. Wow that's great! Thanks for the update.
  6. My Macy's was a Marshall Fields and they always had CH, shoes too.
  7. ^^ Ditto.. but my macy's is macy's 34th st. they have tons of designers no other macy's has, which sucks, sorta, cause when i'm out of town at a macy's the bags are always so bland-ish.
  8. I need to go check this out. Thanks for the info.
  9. My Macy's in California has had Cole Haan shoes for years also. Love 'em!