Cole Haan: Not for the faint of heart

  1. I'm totally wild about this purse, and that's saying a lot since I hate most anything with a flap. I'd buy it if it didn't have the turquoise dangles because I know they'll just make a lot of noise and get in the way when you lift the flap. If I had some way of just hanging it somewhere to look at, I probably would. LOL
  2. Interesting, but HUGE!!!!
  3. i agree, it's very very big. but it's not bad to look at.
  4. I like it alot, except for the dangling bits...
  5. That bag would wear me rather than the other way around.
  6. Yes. A bit big for very small me!
  7. ITA with everyone who says it's so big. I think it would have been better at 80% of this size, and I can only imagine that with all the beading, and the huge flap, it must weigh a fair amount.

    Whatever. I'll hit the mall to see the Sigrid Olsen I've been eyeing. I saw one on sale, but I just didn't think of pulling the drawstring for some added security. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
  8. I saw this bag tonight at Nordstrom and it is UGLY! I thought that I wouldn't like the dangling things, but the big wooden circle in the center is just weird on a handbag!! um, not so nice in person.
  9. I think that bag is cool, very boho IMO. It's TOO big for me though and probably not a bag I'd really carry.
  10. Ha ha... I was checking out the same bag earlier online too. I really like it if only it's SMALLER!!
  11. I think it's neat, but I would probably tire of it pretty quickly. I love that turquoise though!
  12. Hi,

    I agree with Bella and Tyson, this is one strange is huge, the wood disk looks out of place, and all the faux boho turquoise beading looks too ethnic in the styling. It seems that bags for spring are looking cleaner, more feminine and if they are bohemian, they are tonal (or less crazy colored), classy and very unique. Check out for the latest fashion shows for fall...things are getting cleaned up even more.
  13. It's def. a one outfit bag. You'd be limited to what/where you could wear that.
  14. This is EXACTLY the bag I am looking for! I love it! I do agree that it is quite large, but I don't care. Anyone know where to get one for $300.00 or less??? :biggrin:
  15. I don't think anyone will be discounting it. Yet. You never know, but good luck with the hunt!