Cole Haan + Nike

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  1. Anyone tried this line of shoes yet? Cole Haan shoes with Nike Air technology?
  2. i haven't tried any of the heels, but i do have a couple pairs of sandles... i'm not very impressed. hopefully someone has a better opinion of them...
  3. I bought a pair of flats for work...they are ok....nothing special in my opinion. I work 16 hour days on my feet, so by the end of the day EVERYTHING hurts. But I do admit, they feel better than any other shoe ive tried. Its worth the money.
  4. ^^ ITA. They're more comfortable than typical shoes and more stylish than Easy Spirit, but they're nothing special.
  5. I tried it, great comfort (saw the nike thing and I love my gym shoes) but the shoe styles of Cole Haan is quite ordinary for my taste.

    Feels good but it doesn't not look good.
    For me that is.
  6. I have a few pairs. They are not noticably more comfortable when you put them on, but after walking around all day in Europe in them, my feet felt great. If I had worn any other pair of cute shoes in those circumstances, my feet would have been killing me.
  7. ^--- ITA Great idea, but I've yet to find a style I would wear. Although there was a print ad for a pair that looks like the basic black pump (much like Choo's Empire) in what looks like a stiletto 4 inch heel. I'm tempted, but Choo's Empire are pretty comfortable to start with, so unless it's a marked improvement, I probably wouldn't spend the money.
  8. I got an ugly pair for work because they will just get dirty. I own a restaurant, so at the end of the day i just want my feet not to throb. So style when it comes to work is way after comfort. I did see a cute black wedge at Neimans that seemed comfy. Eventually they will make nicer comfy ones.
  9. I purchase these:


    The ball has a great cushion, but honestly no shoe with a 4" heel is going to be comfortable after wearing it all day. It does have a 1/2" platform that helps somewhat...I love these shoes and have gotten tons of compliments on them, so I guess the pain is worth it :p
  10. I have a sporty pair of black ones and I love them. They just sort of feel like sneakers though but look a little cuter. I haven't tried the heels yet though.