Cole Haan- Nike Air- Are they comfortable?

  1. I saw this pair of shoes below by Cole Haan with the Nike Air Technology on the Nordstrom website but I live in Canada & we don't have a Nordstrom here but I would like to get them. How comfortable is the Cole Haan Nike Air Collection?
  2. The designs I have tried on in the past never looked good on me, but they are very comfortable.
  3. I think this is the line Oprah was raving about yesterday-see if has anything, she had the designer on and they did quite a piece on the technology that makes them comfortable-if I lived in a city, I would have rushed out right after the show!
  4. I saw that on Oprah yesterday too. She was raving about how she finally found a pair of shoes (they were Cole Haan/Nike Air boots) that could last her the whole show and still be pain free.
  5. my mommy bought a pair this summer, and she LOVES them! she paid full price, which I have never seen her do, and she would have bought both colors if the silver wasn't sold out! check the showcase link in my signature. I'll have to tell her they were on Oprah, because she'll love that

    found the link!
    Forever Their Faves: Cole Haan Shoes
  6. Ooo...if you're in Toronto like your profile says there is a Cole Haan store on Bloor St., you could always take a look around or call them to see if they have that style. :smile:

    Toronto, 101 Bloor Street West
    Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5, Mon-Tues-Wed 10-6, Thurs-Fri 10-7
  7. I absolutely love the Cole Haan - Nike Air line, I have sandals, slides and driving moc's in this line. My feet are very sensitive (years of wearing high heels). These are really the only shoes I wear for casual wear anymore. I usually buy them at Bloomie's 4 x a year private sale. Well worth the price.
  8. i love cole haan ... i just bought a pair of heels by cole haan and i think they are the most comfy shoes EVER
  9. Thanks ladies.

    FashionGrrrrl: I have been to the Cole Haan store on Bloor street but I find their selection really poor & they only have ugly styles
  10. They are the best in the world. Absolutely comfortable.
  11. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou SO incredibly much. I now have my heart set on the Air Austyn boot as my "every day wear" boot for relatively nice weather days this winter. In black AND brown. Because I can be greedy like that. I have been longing long and hard for the perfect new pair of commuter boots and I think I have found them!

    Thanks again! Now to find them on sale...
  12. I have a pair of sandals and I was able to purchase them at Off 5th. Also, I've seen them at Nordstrom Rack.
  13. I tried some Afina Air Maryjanes and sent them right back...they were horribly uncomfortable to me. No arch support whatsoever - my arches didn't touch - and too much pressure on my forefoot. I am really, really hard to fit though. I don't get why these didn't even do it for me, with their supposed Nike engineering!!!:cursing:

    I happened to notice Joy Behar was wearing them on the View today, so I guess they work for her! ;)
  14. I love Cole Haan. It dominate my shoewear! They just fit me well. As far as the CH/nike air. I have had the sneaker/mule sport shoes for years and loved them. I now own two pair of the nike air ballet flats, ( I think "Bronte" sling) in black suede and choco suede. I adore them. I truly believe the CH/nike air combo is genius!

    Oh by the way, they may have the shoes you are looking for on the website: I purchase for their website alot!
  15. I like Cole Haan too. I have a brown pair of Cole Haans which I wore to death.