Cole Haan Kaylie Small Hobo

  1. What do you think about this bag? I saw it IRL, but am still undecided about it. Any thoughts?
    1111440879_LG.jpg 432e_1_sbl.jpg
  2. I saw IRL, the leather is very soft. I like it.
  3. cute. very nice basic black bag
  4. To me it's something my mom would carry.
  5. ^^oooh, I agree it's motherly (which isn't a bag thing if you're a mom). depends on your age, but looks like a bag for a "mature" person.
  6. It's a nice, basic-looking bag. But if you've actually laid hands upon it and still aren't sure I'd pass.
  7. cute
  8. I saw it today. The leather was nice. My Mom considered getting it, but ended up choosing another Cole Haan bag. I agree that it depends upon your age (My mom is 60)
  9. Hmm. I'm only 22 but I like that it is simple, but the slight touch of silver gives it a tiny bit of an edge. Now that everyone says its an old lady bag, I'm not too sure about it anymore.
  10. i've seen it irl and the leather is can also put a scarf around it or some funky keychains if you want to...i think that cole haan has some of the most underrated bags around...