Cole Haan Kaylie Dome Bag??

  1. Just wondering... does anyone have the Cole Haan Kaylie Dome Bag? Its the satchel... comes in brown/black... was thinking about getting it BUT the dimensions on this bag seem small... is that so or no?
  2. I picked this bag up when I was at Off 5th today and I would say that it's a small to medium (small medium) size bag, but I tend to like handheld bags that are a little smaller. I think the size would depend on what size bag you normally carry. I wasn't crazy about the handles (the rolled leather) it seems like they wouldn't be comfortable resting on your forearm unless you are wearing long sleeves, they seemed to thin to me (like they would dig into your arm). I have a different Cole Haan satchel and the handles are thicker on it, making it more comfortable than this one.