Cole Haan - help needed

  1. Hi,

    I am thinking about buying either the Cole Haan small village bucket tote or the large one. I would prefer the color "hot chocolate", but that would mean I have to go for the large one. The small one would only be available in "black" or "tiger's eye".

    As I do live in Germany, I would have to order the bag unseen, so I really need your help!

    So, what is the better size? Is there a big difference between sizes?

    Does anybody have pics wearing the large and / or the small? Which color is the nicest and most wearable? I want it as an everyday bag, so it should fit to nearly everything...

    Thanks a lot! :flowers:
  2. I forgot, a small village bucket tote in camel would be another option. But I am not sure it the color is so good for an everyday bag...
  3. PF member Tonij2000 just got an amazing deal on her CH small village tote in Bronze (or Tiger's eye): See the thread:

    Look what I scored for $115!

    The small bag looks plenty big; she says the large one is HUGE! She posts pix of herself modeling it at the end of the thread. Maybe you can PM her some questions about it.
    It is a fabulous bag!
  4. Thank you so much. I must have overseen that thread when I was using the search-function.
  5. I have the small one in Tigers eye and think either one is a great everyday bag. I love bigger bags, not humongous bags, but I do need enough room to carry my stuff comfortably. IMO, the large bag is way too much. The small one is actually medium sized. I carry a cosmetics bag, large wallet, checkbook, planner, sunglasses, coin purse and other odds and ends and the small tote fits everything. Hope that helps!
  6. Thanks. When I look at the measurements the difference between the two sizes doesn't seem so big. ;)
    Can you tell me something about the colors? Is Tiger's Eye a versatile color? What about the Hot Chocolate, have you seen that one?
  7. Tigers eye is like a dark golden brown, I've never seen Hot Chocolate. The differences in measurements may seem slight but the large bag is like walking around with a duffle bag.
  8. I have the large one in black. I originally bought it in Hot chocolate with gold hardware but had another tote with this coloring and decided to exchange for the large one in black with silver hardware. Just to let you know, the large is HUGE. I use it when I am going out with both of my kids because I can fit a TON of stuff in there. I basically use it as a diaper bag. I don't use this bag when I am out on my own as it is too big and too heavy. If you are looking for an everyday bag, I would suggest the small for you as it is not small at all. It is more of a medium sized bag. I think it would be much more functional for everyday.

    Edit: The hot chocolate color is a true chocolate brown and has some burgundy-ish undertones. It is a very neutral color and looks good with many other colors.
  9. Thanks for all your opinions. After all I heard, I am sure it will be the small I am going for. The thing is now the color. I can get it in black, camel and tiger's eye. What color would you choose? It should be a good color, that fits to everything.

    Usually I would say "black", but I do own quite a few black bags, camel seems to be too light and not versatile enough and I don't know, if tiger's eye fits to every color I might wear...

    What do you think? :flowers: