Cole Haan handbag question

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  1. Does anyone own or have any information about the Cole Haan Kyle Large Canvas Tote. I'm thinking about buying one and I wanted to know about the quality of the the bag. It's made out of nylon and I have never owned a bag made out of this material nor have I purchased a Cole Haan bag before. Does this brand make quality bags? I would really appreciate your help....thanks!
  2. I have a Cole Haan Village Grommet North South Hobo and it's my favorite bag! It's wonderful quality, buttery leather, and very well made. Go for it!
  3. I find the quality outstanding. Great products.
  4. I know you said the leather is soft....but have you seen the nylon handbags. Are they made as good as the leather bags? Thanks for your advice.:smile:
  5. I'm sorry I have not as I purchase my Cole Haan from eBay. I actually just got another one in today :yahoo:! I did a video review on it and the N/S Grommet Hobo. I will be posting it on here soon!