Cole Haan Green...what Do You Think???!!?!

  1. I like it-but I'm all for color in handbags! It makes them more out of the ordinary than all black or brown shades!:yes:
  2. Some of their bags are a more acid green than shown in pics. I like the style a lot.
  3. It's a very good color for Spring! I like it a lot.
  4. I LOVE it but I am a sucker for mosy green bags!!!!
  5. I just got a Cole Haan (not this one, though) but I think it's the same color. It's really pretty. Not acid green at all, just a nice spring green/leafy color. Very, very pretty!
  6. I saw this in the recent Nordstrom's catalog...ran down to see it in person as I LOVE green, and was very disappointed with it in person. It didn't have enough pop for me.

    However, and I know most people don't like Dooney here, I did see one today (again at Nordstrom's) in a green leather that was more like the catalog pic, color-wise, I saw of the Cole Haan:


    Of course they don't have the green on the website.
  7. I think it's adorable, but I'd be sure to see the green in person first. Of course, you could order it and just return it if you don't love the color. I'm not one that minds mailing back returns, I know some people do.
  8. I like the color but honestly I'm not crazy about the design of the bag.
  9. I saw this at the Cole Haan boutique and it's beautiful!! Not quite as vibrant IRL as in the pic but still a lovely shade of green. I am thinking about getting it myself!
  10. Love this color!
  11. It's a very good color!i like
  12. I really like that bag. I have a bag that color (different designer but same color) and I have loved using it--it goes with lots of other colors and not everyone carries one like that. I saw it in a Cole Haan store and it looks nice IRL too.
  13. I love it. Cole Haan makes great bags.