Cole Haan gift card

  1. Received two $50 if over $200 spent gift cards from Cole Haan. Such a nice surprise. :yes: Gave one to a friend and then went to the store with mine. I knew that they didn't really have shoes and bags that I want right now, so I decided I'll get some small leather goods. Got an orange leather make-up bag, red coin purse and black wristlet. See links below for items.So much fun to know I'm spending some of their money. Did anyone else get these and what did you buy?

    I see they call this a card case, looks like a coin purse to me. :confused1:
    Cole Haan : Women's KEY CARD CASE : Village Collection Accessories

    Got this in black
    Cole Haan : Women's WRIST POUCH : Village Collection Accessories

    Got this in orange
    Cole Haan : Women's SMALL ZIP COSMETIC : Village Collection Accessories
  2. I love Cole Haan! Very nice.
  3. oh those are gorgeous!
  4. Love your new things! I'm in Chicago right now and was in the Cole Haan store drooling over everything. I noticed the first 2 in your pics--very nice IRL. Also saw a small cosmetic/clutch with a magnetic closure that I wanted but I'd already spent too much. I bought a bag in the Nude color with the contrast stitching. I love CH pricing.