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  1. Here's a code for 30 percent off on just about anything at SPRING8. It's apparently good at both the web site and the stores. It's good until April 10.

    And here's a code for free shipping: FREESHIP

    I just tried both on the web site and they work.
  2. Thanks! I saved $118.95 on 2 pair of shoes!:yes:
    Free shipping worked too.
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  4. I love Cole Haan! Thanks!

    Great boot too!
  5. Thanks so much for the codes; the 30% off works in the stores too, BUT YOU HAVE TO ASK. I just saved $113!!
  6. Thanks! I just ordered a pair of shoes for my husband!
  7. How often does Cole Haan have a sale? And are they always this good? I'd love to buy my mom a cole haan bag but right now I can't really afford it. Do they do 30% off only once a year or numerous times throughout? The fall would be perfect since her birthday is in November. I'm too poor right now for mother's day lol.
  9. I actually see them every few months. :tup:
  10. oh, thank you sue! i almost bought a pair of shoes there a couple days ago but decided to wait - this must have been what i was subconsciously waiting for:smile:
  11. Thanks for posting the code! Does anyone know if Cole Haan stores do charge-send?
  12. Does anyone have the actual e-mail from Cole Haan? I just called the store near me and they will only honor the discount if you bring in a printout of the e-mail. :sad:
  13. i just called the store as well and they said that it's a postcard that you have to bring in in order to get the 30% discount. I don't think the guy knew what he was talking about. Is it a postcard or email?
  14. Thank you! I've been drooling over this bag since I first saw it in an ad months ago!
    The ad looks so much better - all smooshy. I guess we'll see when I get it.

    I finally ordered it with the 30% off code.

  15. I got the codes off another shopping site. For some reason I was under the impression that the SPRING8 was from a magazine ad.

    I'm on the CH mailing list and I didn't receive either an e-mail or a card in the mail. I have in the very recent past but not for this code.

    But it does work on the Web site and so does the FREESHIP so that's an option if your store won't accept it.

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