Cole Haan - cleaning question

  1. I have a butter yellow Cole Haan clutch I just took out of my closet. It has been sitting in its dust bag which is red and some of the red had transferred to the leather. Is there anything I can do???? Why would Cole Haan use this dustbag if it bleeds??? I bought the bag at Bloomingdale last year so I know it is the dustbag that came with it. UUUGGGHHH! :cursing: HELP!
  2. hi! bloomingdales is good when you bring things back to them...i'd bring it in to them and see what they say....maybe you can get a new ch clutch? good luck!
  3. I agree. They should take it back. I'm sure if you are very calm and polite and explain to the SA what happened, they'd be more than happy to help you out.
    Good luck to you!