Cole Haan Chelsea Pump

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  1. Does anyone own a pair of chelsea pump? Are they pretty comfortable? I tried them on in the store and it seems to be very well-made. Really love the shoes. Wondering if anyone has any experiences with these pumps.

    Are these ever on sale? They are having FF sale, which is 25% off. Does anyone know if there will be further discount? I'm in need of either black or nude pumps, and I don't know if these colors would ever go on sale. Do they have better sale during the holidays?
  2. I don't own a pair, but a co-worker of mine owns 2 pairs. She has the grey patent taller heel and the black patent shorter heel. She swears by its comfort and has told me that I need to get a pair. Unfortunately when I went to try it on, my regular size was a bit loose and a half size down was too snug.

    As for finding a good deal on them you may want to wait for the next Bloomie's F&F which starts on or around November 7. That should get you at least 20% off.
  3. I bought the black and the Maple Sugar patent in the lower heel on both. I absolutely love them. Very comfortable and the heel is a great height. My foot is just slightly narrow and I had no problems with them. When I read the reviews on Nordstrom, it seems those with a wider foot had problems. They were selling pretty fast at the Nordstrom I bought them from.
  4. You could try other retailers like Piperlime, that often have 20% off codes. Not sure if you would get better than 25% off unless you found them on sale at Nordstrom or Neimans, etc.
  5. I took pics of these before I bought them to get my husband's opinion so if it helps:
    photo-53.jpg photo-52.jpg photo-51.jpg
  6. I bought the higher heel Chelsea in both Maple Sugar (nude) and black. Sadly, I had to return them because for me they were just too tight in the toe box and too big in the heel. Maple Sugar is THE perfect nude in my opinion, so if the fit works for you, get them, especially with a discount.