Cole Haan bags...underrated???

  1. Having now owned several designer bags (including my Balenciaga beauties), I've come to think that Cole Haan bags are some of the best bags for the money on the market. For example, a few weeks ago I picked up this baby
    Cole Haan : Women's HOBO : Paige Collection Handbags at 40% off (last season's model, hardware on handle is slightly different than picture). It's a stunning bag, the color is deep and the leather sumptuous.

    Then today found this gem:
    Cole Haan : Women's ZIP SATCHEL : Paige Collection Handbags which is a perfect black work bag, big enough to hold files or a laptop, and fits over the shoulder. (The bag I purchased has one difference from the picture - the ring on the outside pocket is hardware instead of leather, which gives it a little more punch.) The quality and workmanship are excellent, and the styles are simple and classic enough that I know I'll use these bags for years.

    Any other Cole Haan fans out there? What are your favorite CH bags?
  2. Those are great bags!

    I know everyone will think I'm crazy, but I love the way some of the Cole Haan G Series Coin Collection bags look.:love: I know...they're not for everyone...but I love them!!!!

    Haven't seen them in person yet.:girlsigh:




    And this one from the G Croco Print Collection...
  3. Absolutely!

    I often see them on the clearance table at Saks and they always catch my eye. I ALWAYS walk over to see the designer and have always been surprised they're Cole Haan!
    The leather is fantastic!
  4. last season's Sierra collection was great.. woven handles and details with a tiny bit of fringe...
  5. Gee, I've always loved Cole Haan. I have two bags from the
    Alexa Collection that I think are gorgeous. You really have to look at the leather on these bags. The stitching always is very substantial and never looks cheezy, as though it will fray after a season of use. For the money, I think the quality is very much up there.
  6. you girls make me want me to reevaluate CH in my eyes.. those coin purses look awful cute!!
  7. The leather on the coin bags is wonderful too. It's a brushed, soft leather, almost suedelike.
  8. Yes! When I first saw someone carrying the Paige hobo I thought it was either a Gucci or some other top-end bag. The workmanship is that good. :yes:

    If you're a shoe hound, check out their fall shoes, too. They're doing pumps with Nike air technology. The heels are just about an inch too high for me, but they're hot looking shoes!
  9. I just adore Cole Haan - I can always find him discounted around town! His designs are so sylish, but not trendy i the "fad" sort of way. Classic! Sophisticated! And you are right... the leather is fantastic for the price. Here is some from my CH famiy... Say Hello :wlae:
  10. The pictures wouldn't show up :shrugs:
    I guess the files are too bid :sad: Oh well... I have 2 Sierra Satchels 1 brown, 1 black. 1 Stephanie studs (very cool) 1 goldfish (very very cool) and a pailette satchel in metallic brown!
  11. I thought I was the only one:yes: who was a CH fan. I have the same hobo bag and the leather is fabulous. It looks like the gucci horsebit hobo. You should see the bags for the fall. Simply fabulous.
  12. I've always Loved Cole Haan bags but have never bought one. I like the Village line, especially the Croc bag. One day I might have to get one. I love that black zip satchel shown above.
  13. Just to echo what everyone is saying, I own one Cole Haan bag, and for the money it can't be beat! I'm really liking the Bucket Tote from the Village Weave Collection:


    I'd order it, but I just ordered a Gryson bag... maybe next month! :smile:
  14. The Village Weave Collection is awesome! Love everything about it. Actually, for the money, Cole Haan and Francesco Biasia are my favorites.
  15. Cole Haan is awesome...I especially like their shoes.

    I really like everything from the Paige and Village collections.