Cole Haan - Anybody likes this brand? Comment?

  1. I haven't seen much on Cole Haan bags in this forum. Are there anyone out there that loke cole Haan bags? I have purchased 3 in the last 6 months. I think their quality is great, better than Coach, but comparable with Coach's price.
  2. I've seen them in magazines and really liked them. But never IRL. You should post pics, I'd love to see.
  3. Cole Haan is probably doesn't get much play here because they're more "affordable" and don't have "status" monogram pattern that the masses would recognize ala Gucci, LV, etc.
  4. I Like Cole Haan, but I can never seem to find one that's just right. The size is either too small or too large for me.
  5. I have several Cole Haan bags and lots of shoes. I just bought the beach tote. Love it!

  6. I considered buying the lunch tote from their Village collection last fall, but felt uncomfortable carrying a bag that had such an open top. Their handbag line is getting better and better by the season.
  7. I own a few Cole Haan handbags and I really like the quality, the leather is always great, nice designs, and very durable.
  8. I really like CH and KC bags.....I think I'm more partial to KC though since I prefer their styles a teeeeny bit more over CH. Really great price and great quality!
  9. I have a really nice Cole Haan that I don't use that frequently. I feel guilty. It's fuschia, but it's a bigger bag than what I would normally use. Maybe once I have the required amount of posts, I will sell it in the marketplace!
  10. I do like CH too! The quality is really nice and they have some really unique styles too!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. I like Cole Haan as well. I don't have one yet as I haven't seen any that I consider myself in LOVE with. I do like this one though but I'm not sure I would want to carry in through the seasons beyond this one.
  12. i like CH bags too. i usually buy them at a discount at TJM. they're well constructed but i find them quite heavy... or maybe only those that find their way to TJM?
  13. I have several Cole Haan bags. The quality is very good for the price.
  14. I saw the smaller version of this bag yesterday at Nordstrom, and I was impressed with the beadwork, and the fact that they had a good number of genuine stones on there.

  15. I dont own any Cole Haan, but I like a lot of them!

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