Cole Haan advice

  1. So I passed the last level of the CFA exam today (a 3 part financial exam that is offered once a year), and of course bought a bag to celebrate! :wlae:

    I bought the rouched satchel in gunmetal bc it was a really different color, and it's one of the IT colors this fall. But I had a lot of trouble deciding between the gunmetal and the luggage color (see attached pic from cole haan website), and the color that's still on sale on the website (nude...none in my store for comparison :sad:).

    Did I make the right decision? I have quite a few bags, and so the gunmetal is very different. But then again the luggage color is much more versatile and work-appropriate. And thirdly, the nude is on sale for $260!

    Advice? Thanks!


    No flash:

    Luggage color:

    Nude color:
  2. If you wear alot of blacks the gunmetal will look great. I tend to wear more browns so I would have opted for brown. The gunmetal will look fantastic with all the grays and plums this season. Congrats and enjoy. It's a lovely bag.
  3. All dressed up! One more pic! :p

  4. I LOVE the gunmetal for this bag - it is gorgeous and a terrific choice. I think it will be more versatile than you think. Enjoy your new bag!
  5. I think that the gunmetal is a great color. I think it just depends on what colors you wear most.
  6. My wardrobe is pretty varied, but I am partial to purple. But do you think a silver bag is work appropriate?

    Thanks for all of your comments so far!
  7. Congrats on the CFA! My husband just passed the second exam.

    I like the gunmetal and think it would look nice with purple.
  8. i think that the bag looks amazing in gunmetal! and i love it "all dressed up"!!!!
    congrats and enjoy!
  9. Thanks you guys! I think it's a keeper! :yahoo:
  10. Thank you! It is such a relief being all done with those exams! :happydance:
  11. I wear mostly black clothing, so I think I would personally get a lot of use out of this color bag.

    I think you should keep it! There are so many more opportunities to get a brown bag, and this color is probably going to sell out!
  12. Yes, gunmetal is appropriate for work. It's a neutral, non-flashy metal, if that makes any sense. Also -- wayyy cooler than the others :smile:
  13. This bag is on my list too but so far in the luggage or nude only. I'd like to see the gunmetal in real life. However, I definitely agree that this color is hot for the fall!
  14. Congrats on passing the CFA. And I like the gunmetal color best.