Cole Haan 50% off at Nordstrom

  1. Very cute, thanks for the tip!
  2. I love the first bag but it's already sold out :hrmm:.
  3. Sold out!! :censor: Im always to late for these things, lol
  4. Ahhh, Gone!
  5. I can't believe I missed it! I have been scoping for a good work tote and was seriously considering the Cole Haan Paige! For that price...I would have definitely gotten it!
  6. love the first one....what a deaL!!!
  7. but I'm too late,it's already sold out grrrr....:rant:
  8. ooh the red croc is hot!! how much was it going for? the price isn't even showing up...i may just have an SA try to look it up for me.
  9. ^ They were about $180. I can't remember exactly. Sorry.
  10. I tried locating the red bag with a SA at Nordies, all sold out. what a bummer!!!!