Coldplaylover's Luxe Bowler Pics!

  1. More coming but at least I got this one likey??
    final chanel.jpg
  2. :nuts: Luxe patent bowlers are gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  3. I cant wait to see these IRL. :nuts: is the material similar to the coco cabas vinyl? :flowers:
  4. They call it crackled patent's thick but not extremely shiny...all the silver hardware really makes it pop.
  5. It's gorgeous! I love the bowler style and have it in black deerskin. I'd like to see a larger pic of your bag if you're posting more!!
  6. Yes, I do like it, it's a gorgeous bowler!!
  7. lovely bag!! I love it!!
  8. Here is another view:
    chanel 001.jpg
  9. I just bought this bag from NM during the Double Points event! Don't you love it? I was trying to choose between black and blue, but ultimately black is so classic. Enjoy!
  10. nice!!!
  11. LOVE it! That is one gorgeous bag--enjoy!
  12. Wow!! As in.. WOW!!!
  13. gorgeous bag, congrats
  14. Beautiful bag.

  15. Beautiful! I love the shape and the patent leather!