Cold Winter - Canvas Question

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  1. Hi
    I really don't know the answer to my question.

    Is it ok to use a Mono Canvas purse in the cold?

    Its really cold here - right now its -21 below zero. And I used my mono purse tonight when I went to the mall, and just going to the car was really cold, and my canvas purse was really cold, and it felt like it was going to crack. Maybe I'm just imagining this? :confused1:
    (sorry if my question is dumb - but I never had a LV canvas Speedy before:shame: )
  2. well it shouldn't generally be in extreme weather (hot or cold). try to keep it as warm as you are (tucked inside your coat near your body is best, i think). and if it does crack, you can get it repaired at the boutiques, but that'll cost you a pretty penny and you may not have it for months depending on how fast the repair is/long the wait is.

    if i were you, i'd carry a textile bag or something else. even leather can crack in extreme weathers like that.

    HTHs, stay warm!
  3. Thank you for your reply. :flowers: Yes you have helped me a lot!!! This weekend is going to be getting colder. I don't feel like going anywhere when its like this. I'm glad its the weekend, but I had to go to the post office today after work, and that's when I realized, that short walk to the car in the parking lot really made me think - is this going to crack? I was so scared it was going to crack. But now I know. :idea:
  4. no problem! :smile:
  5. Wow its that cold already :sad:

    I say hide the bag until warmer weather and just use a no name or other cute bag when its that cold. Better to be safe then sorry right :smile:
  6. yeah, i say the same too, avoid using it if possible. i used to stay in Ottawa and it gets that cold too, i do avoid using my LVs.
  7. I´ve had no problems with it in cold weather, once it was very cold and it rained on the bag and nothing.
  8. I dropped my petit bucket in a puddle of water last month- fortunately I had cleaned it up & protected it with Shining Monkey right after I received it- I bought it used from a very trusted reseller- quickly pulled it from the water & dried it on my sweater & it was fine.
    Heck with my sweater, got to take care of the LV!
  9. For the short time you're outdoors when it's that cold, you should be fine...from the house to the car...from the parking lot to the mall, etc. I certainly wouldn't take it snowshoeing or! But really, from the parking lot to the mall or to work it won't have enough time to actually freeze, it will just feel excessively cold. I spent 7 years living and working at a ski resort and those excessively cold sub-zero temps never affected any of my bags, leather, synthetics, or anything else for that matter. Only thing it really affected was:
    a) my car...she didn't like to start when it reached more then 15 F below zero.
    b) my eyelashes and nose hairs -- would freeze as soon as the cold hit
    c) my eyeballs would become severely dry and irritated and several times when it hit the 40 below mark I got nosebleeds.

    Nothing else was ever affected -- I didn't own an LV then, but I brought my Fendi, Furla, Coach and other bags out in that cold with no problem whatsoever. My Fendi was made of a similar coated canvas as the LV mono canvas bags. I never once experiences cracking or any other damage to any of my bags in all the 7 winters I lived there.
  10. great thread, i wondered the same thing I live in Winnipeg, or my fellow Canadians would refer it to as "WINTERpeg"...haven't hit -40 yet (possibly January) and wondered if it's ok to use my mono speedy...(not in -40, but around the -20ish)
  11. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. I've had some LVs for around 5 years and carried in the Canadian winters with no problems! Actually, they're generally my "bad weather" bags since I don't have to try to baby them like leather ones!
  12. It currently is -25 degrees Celcius where I am and I have NO problems with carrying any of my bags (LV, Balenciaga, KOOBA, Burberry) out in the cold. Keep in mind that I am not outside for any amount of time - house to car to building.

    Pearl, just make sure that you condition the canvas when you condition the leather as even canvas can dry out (if you treat your bags). I treat ALL my bags with Apple Leather Conditioner and Apple Guard.
  13. Hi everyone,
    thanks for answering my question about the cold weather and LV canvas.
    I haven't treated my bags yet. I try to not be outside longer than I have to in cold weather lol. I enjoy walking to work also - but not on really cold days. So on those really cold days, I'll use another purse. :yes:
  14. I'd be more concerned with my poor fingers if I used a handheld bag like a speedy in the cold.
  15. Oh, BTW,which product do you guys use to protect and clean LV leather?