Cold weather; warm LV

  1. It's official. I have the winter blahs. With new LV stuff barely trickling in, we haven't hit our seasonal fever pitch of obsession yet so I don't even have that to distract me.

    I need a mental vacation. Help me out.

    Where are you?
    What's the weather like? Temperature?
    What bag are you carrying?
    What bag is giving you warm thoughts on this lousy NYC day?

    I'm in my office in NYC.
    It's COLD and going to rain/snow later. Temp is 35 degrees (maybe).
    I'm cheating on LV and carrying a Mulberry today.
    My mind is wandering to the Red Marina PM that's waiting for spring in my closet.

    Hugs to all of you. I'm smiling already as I'm imagining you typing your replies.
  2. Hi Restricter,
    I feel the same way. I am so ready for summer!
    I am in Philly. Just got back from the dentist after getting a crown :sad:
    It is 38 degrees.
    I carried my LV Bosphore GM to the dentist's and started at it while he drilled my poor tooth.
    I think I "need" a pair of sandals to cheer me up!
  3. North Jersey today
    COLD.. is it going to snow later? hmm
    Today I have my gange
    I keep thinking about using my keepall cuz I want to go on vacation =)
  4. Shoes are better than Prozac. Go for it. Buy two pairs! You'll feel even better.
  5. I'm at home... in bed....

    It's not so cold(considering the usual temp we have here in Norway during winter). Temp is 32 degrees.

    I'll be using my Mirage Griet tomorrow when I go out...

    I'm contemplating as to whether I'll use my Sac Rayures GM or a different bag this coming Sunday at our family gathering.
  6. I totally agree with you, Restricter! LOL!
  7. We let's see.

    I'm in Ohio at work. It's very cold and has been snowing on and off all day. I work in the IT field so it's always cold here in the office. I have on a sweater and a blanket across my lap (I'm a naturally cold person).

    I'm carrying my Cipango Gold Epi Soufflot today, and I just started a BAN so it's torture for me to even be in here right now, lol.

    I do find myself daydreaming about the new Mahina and how it will look though...
  8. Southwestern Louisiana in the low 60s today.
    It's rainy and muddy...and will be for the next few days. Blech!
    I'm carrying my beloved mono Petite Bucket.
  9. Where are you? Worcester, MA.... -__-
    What's the weather like? Temperature? cloudy, 26 degrees F
    What bag are you carrying? Sac Rayures PM
    What bag is giving you warm thoughts on this lousy NYC day? knowing that I'm going to LV on Friday and pondering what little trinket I should get!
  10. Bitterly cold today, and I am stuck inside 'California Dreaming' about my 'Spring' bag purchase.

    There are endless possibilities, maybe in the new Viotette if they do it in an Epi bag.
  11. I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Currently is -19*C but feels like -30*C. Carrying Multicolore White Speedy. Dreaming away on the thoughts of upcoming S/S 08 eye candies :p

  12. I'm in Arizona and it's cold and very windry today, even for AZ standards.
  13. at this moment (7pm) its raining outside in the Netherlands. And ive a date with a friend of mine at 8.. should i carry my speedy?
    Hmmm nooh.. don't think so.. :p
  14. Where are you? Las Vegas, NV
    What's the weather like? Temperature? Freezing cold, in the 40's
    What bag are you carrying? Mirage speedy in black
    What bag is giving you warm thoughts on this lousy day? I'm looking forward to getting the gold and silver hearts soon!
  15. restricter -- what a good thread despite the fact that you're bummed. :sad: by the sounds of it, all of us on here are bummed! :sad:

    Where are you? working on campus ... i work in the instructional technology lab, it's really quiet right now which is nice
    What's the weather like? Temperature? cold, wet, gross, i think it's in the mid-30s, we're supposed to get some snow today
    What bag are you carrying? my black sig coach ergo, sort of cheating on my LV, but i do have a few LV accessories w/ me! my vernis pomme agenda and vernis pomme cles, the color makes me happy
    What bag is giving you warm thoughts on this lousy NYC day? i am dreaming of a damier piece, not sure which one yet, maybe i'll just stick w/ the speedy since my mono speedy has been great to me so far

    cheer up everyone! spring will be here soon. :smile: