Cold Sores, What Most People Do Not Know

  1. Hello Ladies, I've never posted in this area of PF before, but I feel compelled to after speaking with a close girlfriend who recently learned very upsetting news from her doctor. She went in because she was having vaginal discomfort and thought she had a tear or something from rough sex. After doing a culture however, it turns out she tested positive for Herpes-1 (this is the strain that causes cold sores, not Herpes-2 the typical STD). When she spoke with her doctor further about how it could have been transmitted to her (she always uses a condom), her doctor said through oral sex with someone who had cold sores!!!! I was shocked to hear that, and even more shocked to hear that someone can be infected with the virus for years and not have a break out and therefore know they are infected, that blood tests can come back negative even if someone has been infected and is a carrier, and also that it can be transmitted even when there are no break outs!!!

    I plan to speak with my doctor about this the next time I have an annual pap. It all sounds crazy because I was never told these things during sex ed all those years ago.

    Anyhow, sorry for the gross post - I just felt it is important for more women to be aware of this, and to take extra precautions (especially because it also applies to the more severe strain of herpes - Herpes-2, more commonly identified STD).

    p.s. sorry for the long post.
  2. so did she actally have a breakout? Iv always wondered if that was true that you could catch it that way also!
  3. I would hope more people know this is a valid way to catch genital herpes
  4. Yes, she actually had a break-out. This is why she went to the doctor initially - she thought that she had a yeast infection or just a cut or something, but when the doctor took a culture, it came back positive as herpes 1. Apparently the reason she didn't know or think of herpes was because she couldn't see anything. it was inside - so only the doctor could see. Isn't that crazy? Anyhow, she said it itched at first, and then it hurt like there was a cut.

    I've done some reading now because this was such surprising information to me, and I've found writing that confirms this is possible and also that herpes can be spread when there is no break out and that people can have herpes and not know it due to never having a breakout. I also found some study that said type-1 genital herpes is on the rise (typically it is not found in the genitals). I am amazed - so pass the word on. This is a real concern, and quite scary considering the "silent" nature of this STD in some people, and that you cannot reliably get blood tests for it. In short, don't go without that condom!
  5. Ummm also, a condom won't really guarantee not catching it.... a condom doesn't cover the 'cousins.' Chicken pox and shingles are all strains of the herpes virus. The breakout is a result end of the viral infection. the most contagious stage is before the outbreak...that's why its sooo scary out there... I personally have a guy get thoroughly tested before doing anything. now I gotta inspect a guys mouth too? gees!
  6. I knew this but just wanted to add some info you can tell your friend the amino acid L-Lysine can help supress the virus so she'll have less out breaks or quicker recovery, she should avoid chocolate & peanuts as these feed the virus and will increase the frequency/intensity of the outbreak
  7. What happened to your friend is very true.

    That is why you should never kiss someone on the eyes if you have a cold sore. They could get the virus and have serious eye/vision damage.
  8. I actually knew this, I learned at high school back in Mexico, there is way more risks of having sex (protected o unprotected) that we are unaware of.
  9. It's also possible to spread the disease when a cold sore isn't present!
  10. Thank you - I'll pass that information on.
  11. Oh no, on top of everything you have to avoid chocolate...:crybaby: