cold sore

  1. i didnt know where to post this.. so if this is the wrong spot i apologize.

    I have a very ugly cold sore on my lip :tdown:and was wondering what products you guys have used in the past that seem to work. Are there any home remedies I should be doing. I'm not even sure how I got this sore because I dont even feel sick.
  2. I get a cold sore every now and then, on the same spot on my lip. I can actually feel it when it starts. Abreva is the best thing by far that I've used. Usually when I start to feel it coming on, I hit it with some abreva and it that's the end of it.
  3. cold sores don't indicate an illness, you usually won't feel sick. It's a skin virus.
    Are you prone to them?
    If so, I'd ask your Doc for 2 prescriptions; Valtrex & Zovirax.
  4. I take valtrex for my cold sores, just take them as soon as u feel it coming and it'll disappear
  5. I rarely get cold sores, but for the few times I had one, I took Abreva. You don't need a presciption for it. I just hate how expensive it is for such a tiny tube.

    Stay away from salty foods! Ouch.
  6. I used to get cold sores all the time. I always used an OTC medication called Camphor-pheneic. It would dry them up within a day or so.

    It's caused by a virus that is present in most people at birth. It's been said over and over that stress will trigger an outbreak. Just be very careful with washing your hands after touching your face, some people believe that it can be spread to other parts of the body. It's also been suggested that kissing someone could transfer it to them too. Good luck!
  7. Swanky and Missjeni are correct: Valtrex is the best way to address a cold sore. It is a virus so treating topically works much slower than systemically with an anti-viral like Valtrex or Zovirax.

    Speedy is also correct that cold sores can be transmitted to other soft tissues in your own body, ie your eyes and nose. And it is highly transferable to others via shared drinks and kissing during the viral shedding period (even before/after the sore is visible).

    I would definitely recommend a quick trip to the Dr for a script for Valtrex or Zovirax (you can even go to your Dentist for this!). :tup:
  8. I get cold sores all the time its such a pain in the ass. I feel your pain, I recommend Denavir. You need to get a prescription in order to get it, however its worth it!
  9. I use to get cold sores all the time, prior to a period, when stressed, under the weather, after a heavy night out. But then I had children and they stopped!
    Don't know why cause all of the above still apply.
    I used to use Zovirax and it works as long as you put it on when the tingling starts, if you miss this all you can do is try to dry it us as soon as possible and spirit of camphor does this.
    Also Liquorice lip balm work as a preventative.
    Don't put make up on it, it makes it look ten times worse!

    Oh, and I am not advacating having kids to stop cold sores:nogood:
  10. I've also heard and use Lysin as a vitamin supplement to help prevent cold sore breakouts.
  11. I used to get very bad (HUGE) coldsores in my teens and finally I figured out it was always a day or two after I had been in the sun. Back then (1970's) we used to bake on the beach. Since I figured that out, I always wear SPF on my mouth and now only get mild ones a couple times a year during really bad allergy season. It was a miracle I figured out what triggered them! Thank about it and see if this may be a trigger for any of you. It doesn't even have to be that long outside for me unprotected - even 1/2 hour...