Cold feet...

  1. I just found out that my DH has some kind of connection with some people at H and might be able to get me a birkin. We just got off the phone and DH asked me what my birkin specs are and I had this big lump in my throat and could not give him an answer :confused1:!! Up until today, I had the hopes of just walking into a store one day and seeing one on the shelf for me to buy...I have fantasies about this :love:...I think I am sick!

    Anyway, I was soooo gung-ho about getting a birkin before this...had all the specs in my head, frequenting the H board, drooling at all you guys' birkins, been just blabbing to DH about it, yada yada yada....and now I think I have cold feet :sad:!!!

    Someone please help me! Have any of you been in this situation before?? What did you do to get rid of this gawd-awful feeling I am experiencing now? I still have this lump in my throat and my stomach is feeling queasy :yucky:!
  2. Msfashionista, fabulous news!
    Let's start with the size.
    30 or 35?
  3. Eeep!
    Don't feel too bad! Aparently you deserve it, and if your DH is that lucky to have connections, USE EM! lol
    You will only feel absolute excitement and be overjoyed once the bag is is your hands. :yes:
    I think i experience the stomach flip-flops and lump every time i'm getting ready to buy a bag. But truly, nothing compares to opening that big orange box!

    I've been on a diet, trying to reach my goal number, and just last night DH tells me that as SOON as i reach that number, he's taking me to stay at a really fancy hotel in NYC, and i can pick out any H bag that i want. My stomach has been in knots ever since! lol.
    This will be the first time i get a bag FROM H.... so i kind of understand. :sweatdrop:
  4. I think the biggest knot comes with the first birkin/H bag. It gets easier after that. LOL.

    You must be terribly excited. You've been thinking about it, so you must have some idea of what you'd like?
  5. Ohh Hugs and hugs to you

    Now you deserve this! DH thinks you do and loves you lots, so pour a glass of wine or whiskey to get rid of the colley wobbles and now lets have fun in choosing it. We only get one life and it aint a rehearsal so nows your time for the bag of your dreams. hurrah I say!

    Will the bag be used daily??
    How much stuff do you tend to carry around??
    How tall are you??

    Ohhh and big hug again to you am so excited this is happening

  6. Ooooh how exciting... you have been getting great advice here... indeed poor yourself a nice drink and enjoy!!! this is great news.
  7. yes, we are here to help....dont forget to reward the DH, too!!
    Thats very important!!!
  8. Yes, talking about size how about a 40?????
  9. Woohoo! How fun!!!!

    I agree with everyone - think about your habits and with what you will get the most use AND THEN, forget all that and go with what makes your heart sing!!!!
  10. hello2703, jennifleur, lulilu, ardneish, H&H, CobaltBlu and Coldplaylover, AuthenticLux, thanks for all your kind words!

    I actually know exactly what I want...or do I :s??? My head hurts! I have always wanted a basic H birkin to a 35 black togo (GH or PH). I am about 5' 4" and 110 lbs and want something I can tote to work. I think a 35 would work great. But now I don't know...IF and it's a big IF, I can do a special order, I would like a 35 black box holy grail bag:heart:. I don't have any details on whether he can order something for me or if it's just a "whatever bag that comes" type of thing coz I hung up the phone on him. I was scared :confused1:!

    And plus...this is like a first date...I think DH is moving WAY too FAST! I hinted to him that next yr when I turn 30 (in Sept), I would like something special like a birkin and he's already asking me the specs! Yikes...I think I need some space!

    And I think another factor is that we are saving for a downpayment for a place and he already got me a big ticket (some of you might remember the thread "H bag or Diamonds" earlier this year) item this year for our anniversary and so I am feeling a little guilty letting him indulge me again.

    And what IF I really get a birkin...then I won't be able to have any fantasies for the next few years as I don't think I will be getting another bag for sometime...

    Am I thinking tooooo much into this situation???
  11. Yes you are thinking too much but that is only normal :heart:!
    Don't worry about this being your only bag, once you've crossed the Rubicon, there's no way back...
    Whatever your choice, I am sure it will be FABULOUS!
  12. yes! Do something nice for your DH: let him get you the gift he wants to.:love:
  13. Go for what makes your heart sing! I'm thrilled that you may have a shortcut through your DH. Good luck!
  14. If you feel that you will have nothing left to aspire to once you get your fantasy bag, I can also assure you that there will be other bags to yearn for. Hermes always seems to raise the bar. It can be some fantastic color, an exotic or even your own design.

    Since DH is encouraging you, I would sincerely take him up on the offer. He thinks you are worth it, and so should you.
  15. I so understand how you are thinking

    Guilt re the downpayement on the property yes you are saving for this , but that journey does not have to be tough tough tough, you are both young and should reward yourselves along this path towards property

    I think you know the bag you truly desire and thats the black box, ( I love box) but maybe if you re looked over the threads a black in another leather would be ok.

    I dont think for one moment this will be your last bag , its the first on your journey.

    Now remember property ownership the word mortgage actually means in french " Death Debt" we work hard all our lives to pay for the PROPERTY , only to have to worry who to leave it to at the end

    So , please accept DH gesture and look forward to this bag its a reward for both of your hard work and a treat on the way to the property

    and remember Dreams can come true, go for it I say and cuddle yourself , saying yes I do deserve this