Cold feet after purchase. Need advice on best woven fit for my needs PLZ.

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  1. #1 Sep 28, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
    I purchased a black woven satin evening clutch (aka the knot) with Snakeskin lining.

    When I got home I realized I was given the display one which looked very much handled (with visible wear). I was dissatisfied so I returned it and want to use the store credit before I lose it (since I was told that if I lose my credit slip there is no way to track it in the system--is this true??)

    My expectations:
    • Woven look is a must
    • I need a cocktail bag so knot clutch seems best (my only other clutch would be my salmon Nancy Gonzales)
    • I'm in my early 20s, 5'1"/110 lbs and am concerned that the longer clutch may look too long on me? The one I purchased was the longer one but I had a summer dress on when I tried it on so I couldn't really tell...
    • Aside from an evening out I'm thinking the knot clutch would work well for weddings (specifically if I'm going to wear a LBD and let accessories be the focus)
    • All I need to fit is lipgloss, an ID, bank card, & iphone.

    Net-a-porter has a sold out "structured patchwork python clutch" with opulent multicolored jewel tones and exotic python patchwork effect. Does anyone know if this is still available? I don't have an SA (and don't want to call the one who sold me the clutch bc she is in another state anyway and wasn't too helpful)...
  2. ...Is the mineral or another gray color always available? I have the medium chanel flap with gold chain so I think that a knot with silver would create a good balance for evening bags for me...

    The goatskin knot from ss2009 is also something I think could work.

    Please share your experience/suggestions with me.
  3. I would not want the display either; But if really liked the bag/Knot, I am sure they could get another in for you and should have offered. Call Sharon in Atlantic City, she'll do everything she can to help. She's great for suggestions, too.
  4. if you are buying from BV, then your best bet is to ask the SAs what knots are available. they only produce a certain number of seasonal knots and seasonal colors and when those are sold out, they are sold out. if you want nero silk, for example, i think that would be one that is always available.

    BV generally does a number of clutch type bags that are wonderful.... personally, however, i think the knots are really special and fun. the long knot is not so long it would look odd on someone your size. if you search, LaVanguardia has pictures of herself and a beautiful georgette knot from two years ago? LaVan is tiny and she looks wonderful with it. Just a matter of what feels comfortable to you.
  5. PS, I even carry my Knot with jeans, boots, flats. I think it looks best worn that way; why reserve such a lovely piece for special occasions?
  6. LMP - I am in the US and BV can pull up anything I've ever purchased at a US boutique. Once I wondered about this and asked because there is more than one SA I use, so I wondered if everyone could see where an item was purchased. The store credit slip seems wrong to me. Although if you are not in the US, who knows?

    I like the Knot and have both the regular size and the Stretch Knot. The Knot at NAP looks beautiful and the boutiques should have it, unless you are in CA, where python is illegal.
  7. I love the Knot. I have two: a classic silk satin one in a champagne color (called antilope) and the tPF special order nero karung Stretch Knot (the elongated one). I've used both of them several times each so far, and I really enjoy them.

    Each Knot's construction is slightly different, so the sizing is subtly different, I find. My satin Knot feels a little bulkier in the hand than my karung Stretch Knot, even though that seems counter-intuitive. I'm about 5'2" and 105lbs, and the karung special order Stretch Knot is just fine by me, appearance-wise. I don't think it looks too big, and I think it's because (a) it's black, and (b) the woven karung lies flatter on the frame than the satin, which is a bit padded. In comparison, I tried on the Stretch Knots in the silk faille and fume croc, and both seemed puffier and looked big on me. They're gorgeous, though. It's best to try them on before buying.

    The Stretch Knot holds more and is easier to fit items in versus the regular size, but the regular size still fits more than I would have thought. I don't have an iPhone, so I can't speak to that. I do know that I can easily fit my small mobile phone, a BV card case, keys, and lipstick into either of my Knots.
  8. Thanks for the replies,

    jburgh, I always make the mistake of trying to get my hands on python in CA--thanks for the reminder. That is where I am...

    sunshine69, thanks for the SA recommendation. If I don't have to be in person to use the store credit I guess I can have the bag ordered via telephone and have it shipped to a friend's address who is out of state? (specifically if I can get my hands on one in python? bc I can't buy it in CA)...

    Do you have the small or longer knot?

    doloresmia, I've been peeking around this forum and really like the way the small knot looks (but then again I feel like I may be just seeing most pics with that one plus the celebrity red carpet shots I see are usually of the smaller one).

    Also, I can't seem to locate LaVanguardia's pics. Is there a way to do a specific member search?
  9. Thanks for the specifics, it really helps. I guess that even if I purchase over the phone I should go to BV and try to pop my cell phone into a small one. The small one did feel bulky when I was there but I wasn't 100% on which size to get (and just went with the idea that the more I could carry is better). Now I really am leaning more towards the small one...
  10. LMP I have the Opera stretch Knot with Bitter Karung trim from F/W 2010. It arrived about 2 months ago. I love it. I also have a stretch Knot on special order arriving in December. Although I love the original/regular size Knot, I do like the extra room in the longer Knot, but then I'm 5'9".
  11. Hi, i have a regular size knot and it fits my iphone and all that you've described. The knots hold more than they seem to be able.

    I've seen the python knot listed on NAP IRL and although it is beautiful, you might want to know that the different coloured squares are sewn on individually and the edges of each square tend to fold out with use.

    You might want to consider the NERO PYRITE INTRECCIATO AYERS PAPIER STRETCH KNOT, available at the Bottega Veneta website (see picture below). I believe the watersnake is legal in CA (I'm not from the US so someone else should confirm) and this has an edgy iridescent lining to each woven strip that should take you from formal cocktails to wild clubbing nights out. The stretch knot may look long but it's got a lot of presence and people are sure to notice!

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  12. ^ The only snake product that's illegal in California is python.
  13. kooshy, thanks for telling me about the squares. I have the tendency to be harsh on bags (although I think I'm babying them) so I'd probably end up with a frayed clutch if I got a clutch with the squares placed on separately.

    doloresmia, thanks for the link. I think I may just have to go back to BV with a more evening-ish look than a summer dress to actually model the clutches in the mirror bc the long one might work after all. :smile::smile::smile:

    Truth is I wasn't planning on bumping into BV when I did. I was on vacation with my bf and while shopping he pointed to BV recalling my sig from TPF!! I guess I'm going to start making the list longer since he actually pays attention lol :greengrin:
  14. LMP
    the knot is yummy. I don't have a knot lifestyle...alack and alas.
    However have you considered this bag. It is a clutch with a handle. It is the papier. The long strap is detachable. Although you can't see it in the picture, the black trim on the strap is actually velvet trim. It is very interesting.
    Here is the link.;color=9164