cold day combo.

  1. dude i live with my roommate, affectionately known as gayman.

    i made funna him UP AND DOWN about The OC and now this crap is bringing tears to my eyes...

    i'm feelin kinda gay today lmao. i used to go "thats too gay for me"

    ya right... this show is intense.


    i'd only want to watch it in DVD so i can watch it straight through pretty much over the course of a couple relaxing freezing days off.... i am on Season One. anyone else dig this show???

    ETA: show brought tears to my eyes ONCE so far lol

    TPF and the OC... lovely combo for a cold day off!
  2. I'm lost :shrugs:
  3. Let me translate: She used to make so much fun of her roommate (affectionately called 'gayman') for watching The OC.

    After watching it, she admits the show can be intense.

    She says a good cold day combo is the Purse Forum and The OC on DVD.
  4. That sounds like a wonderful day! I am so going to get the DVD if is shows up at my Blockbuster!

    I only saw the last few episodes and laughed till my face hurt!

    And that was just at the characters' names!
  5. lmao, you're lovely thank you for the translation.

    i'm getting to borrow season 2 today or tomorrow. let the saga continue (although i'm hoping the weather isn't so cold the next time around...)

    The OC... i never thought i'd be awaiting the arrival of Season 2 in my house. insane.
  6. Gotcha... sorry I wasn't following. It was a good show, lost a lot of steam at the end, but I am sad it is gone
  7. aww that stinks, i'm half way through season 2 lol... i'm hoping it keeps me interested till my friend gets season 4 hehe...