Colbat blue or green stam.....

  1. Hi Guys....

    I have been dying for the blue stam since i knew it wsa coming out - i have one ordered from my local dept store but it fell through :crybaby:

    I was wondering if anyone has seen this on there travels or the new green stam - any info would be great!!!


  2. thanks will do :smile:
  3. Neiman Marcus carries Blue, Nordstrom gets basic colors (Black, Ivory, and Brown). I haven't checked other stores' Look Books, MJ boutiques have all the colors. I personally find Blue and Green too bright.
  4. Both are great colors, good luck on your quest! You could always call an MJ boutique and have them ship the bag out to you.
  5. i've tired but getting no luck at the mo!!! was so annoyed my SA let me down!!! i'll get one at some point am hoping!!
  6. I've seen the blue at Neimans in BH!
  7. yeah thats the one!!! thanks so much i didnt know about that website!!!! :yes:
  8. ^ Zoe is a great store in Princeton, NJ! Every time I'm home, I make it a point to stop in. They have a nice little MJ collection in the, it's definitely a legitimate website.
  9. yeah!! that's good to know that i can buy from it & not worry.....
  10. I believe your SA didn't let you down, it's just that the store's buyers decided not to get them. Many department stores tend to get the basic (safer) colors, this season's Blue and Green aren't.
  11. the store had a few in but she just forgot to call me!! its was me calling to ask about it that reminded her - these things happened i was abit sad but hey i'll get one somewhere if its meant to be....
  12. I-c. These Stams are still available in stores, I have seen them at NM and MJ boutique recently. If you prefer to check out the bag before buying, you can ask a SA to transfer one in from another store. Good luck.
  13. Hey there, we have to catch up; will PM you. =)