Cola Soda

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  1. Ok girls, I have to do this project for Marketing and it consists in inventing our own cola soda that would be so amazing that it would take market share away from the leading makers Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
    So now I want to know..what kind of new cola soda would you be dying to buy? Herbal Cola Soda, Candy flavored...whatever you want! I want to get a feel of what cola drinkers of all ages want! :smile: Thanksssss :flowers:
  2. Good question. I really like diet cola with lime, but the idea of an herbal cola is pretty cool. Maybe a cola that would have vitamins in it to make it "good" for you? Cool project!
  3. My preference would be for a less-sweet soda.

    Sort of like the Pespi Light from the 80s
  4. Anything with zero calories is fine by me.