Coke, Nestle Unveil Calorie-Burning Beverage

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  1. Wall Street Journal panned it.
  2. I'm drinking the Snapple Green Tea EGCG drink right now, it's delicious! I'm underweight as it is, so I don't really care about the ECGC, but the flavor is amazing!!

    Just in case anyone is curious about the nutritional informatin for this drink it's (for 8 oz)

    Calories: 60
    Fat: 0
    Sodium: 0
    Carbs 15g 5%
    Sugars: 15g
    Vitamin C: 20%

    The ingredients are: Filtered water, sugar, green tea extract (including EGCG) natural flavors, citric acid, tea & vitamin C.

    If you wanted to try the EGCG, I'd go with this. It actually tastes good and doesn't have all those gross chemicals in it!
  3. Do they have a sugar free version?
  4. I personally prefer freshly brewed Green Tea...