Coke, Nestle Unveil Calorie-Burning Beverage

  1. I thought this would interest some of you... This product just got announced and should be really interesting- Green Tea is known to boost metabolism so this is a huge concentration of Green Tea extracts... LINK
  2. thanks for posting! sounds interesting
  3. I saw this on the news this morning. I think its a bunch of malarky....bottom line....exercise+ eat well= a fit, toned body!!! If it tastes good ...I would drink it for that reason!! It amazes me the things that keep coming out to promote weight lose...etc....A billion dollar industry! Thanks for the info Meg!!! Its always fun to read out posts.:heart:
  4. I agree with Sunshine, I'm not going to dump a bunch of odd compounds into my body that *might* slim me down. I'm sticking with diet and exercise.
  5. My thoughts... Green Tea is KNOWN and proven to help boost metabolism. It has been used in Chinese Medicine for years, and is one of the healthiest teas out there. But having Nestle/Coke infuse some product and then add carbonation and whatever other preservative... I don't see it being as 'healthy' as it is said to be...
  6. Darn it! When I saw the topic I thought it was going to be something chocolate :smile: Now that would sell!
  7. Hmmm sounds interesting!!

    I will probably give it a try just out of curiousness.
  8. Really? this is very interesting because I live in Japan and Japanese people live on green tea, you can get them anywhere and everywhere - convenience stores, supermarkets, vending machines; you can get them iced or hot, in a can or in a bottle. But the Japanese actually believe "Oolong tea" (a Chinese tea black in colour) is THE tea with the fat-burning power.

    I've tried both and more and I'd stick to water.
  9. I'm a sucker for new sodas. I know I'll be trying it.
  10. It's interesting.. but I'm not sure how much I would like it. I prefer my o-cha just as it is ! :yes:
  11. Interesting. It does sound like it may make the heart beat faster (caffeine stylee) and I hate that. Makes me really uncomfortable.

    After reaing the lable I may want to try it. I hope its not filled with science mumbo jumbo synthetic junk.
  12. Snapple just launched a Green Tea with EGCG pretty recently too. My Mom had it in her fridge & it tastes really good. There's an asian pear flavored one that I want to try.

    Snapple Introduces 'Good For You' Premium Green Teas

    I don't have the nutritional information, but they're probably a better alternative than Coke's new product. It doesn't have the caffeine in it, so right there is a plus.
  13. I was home a few days last weeke and saw it on the "TODAY" show....They had people tasting it and it was 50-50 that it was good...Personally..I can't believe that a soda will be the weight loss miracle of the century...Can't remember when it will be sold in stores....
  14. It sounds very interesting, i saw it on the news the other day and was wondering how it would taste...
  15. I'll just stick to water or I'll get some green tea that Coca-Cola hasn't tampered with.