Coinpurses please help!

  1. Birthday is coming up and I'm being given my presents early this year by the parents so I decided I want coin purses.

    has anyone seen around:

    -vert gazon RH
    -Electric Blue RH
    -Jaune RH

    i'd be so eternally grateful!:heart:
  2. There have been several threads re: cp's recently. Based on them you should call some Barneys. Check the threads for the ones indicating available colors.
  3. It does seem like Barneys mostly has GH coin purses though. I'll try emailing my SA tomorrow to see if they have any RH.
  4. ^ thank you!

    and ronsdiva, i've checked those threads however I couldn't find any that had any of the colors I'm looking for and I'm not interested in the GH.

    if anyone has found anything please PM!