Coin Purses with RH?

  1. So far, all CPs I've seen have GH. Have the CPs with RH been released already? :confused1:

    I'm for BG and Turq 08 and I don't know where to start. Thanks!!
  2. I'm waitlisted for a bubblegum RH coin purse at BalNY and I haven't heard anything :shrugs:. I think the RH coin purses haven't come in yet.
  3. They're expected fairly soon. The SGH and GGH were released first, not sure why.

  4. Thanks erica1451 and JimLong! Tried contacting BalNY, too..but I learned all their CP with RH are reserved for other clients. So no luck for me in BalNY.
  5. Use the contacts I sent you, they will waitlist you :tup: You also have a number of PM's so you probably think I bugged you to death... :roflmfao:

  6. I want one tooo, anyone can help?
  7. I want to get a coin purse with rh too.. I'm just getting into balenciaga and I want my first thing to be a coin purse in a bright color... anyone know where i could get it? I want free tax and free shipping though hahaha
  8. Mischka *T*, Cult Status has BG, EB & SB with RH CP. They retails A$359 & a flat shipping of A$50 applies. LMK if you would like their contact.
  9. The only way that would happen is if you ordered from BalNY and didn't live in either NY or NJ. Otherwise, you're a bit stuck. You can try Aloha Rag, you won't get tax (unless you're in Hawaii) but shipping is not free. You could always walk into Barneys or Neiman's when the coin purses come in and buy it (of course with tax) but there would be no shipping. With BalNY, they only get a set amount, maybe like 5-10 and the waiting lists are twice that amount, so the chances would be very slim that you'd actually get one from there in one of the new forthcoming bright colors.
  10. ^ Wow bal things are so hard to get a hold of LOL... its like searching for a unicorn.. owell its worth the hunt.. thanks for the info
  11. Thanks, pinkboudoir *Z* :tup:
  12. BalNY currently has Sahara, thyme, black, and Ivory in the RH coin purse. When I talked to my SA yesterday they had an electric blue RH coin purse, but when I went there earlier today it had already sold :sad:. They should be getting in more before April though.