coin purses, what color are out right now?

  1. Does anyone know what colors the coin purse is available in right now? I know stores choose what they're carry, but I'm not sure if certain styles are made in only certain colors.

  2. I'm interested in this too.
  3. I know that violet, jaune and pine are out, all with RH.
  4. Any idea where I can purchase a violet?
  5. To answer my own question a bit-I saw a bright red coin purse-not sure the exact shade- at Barney's. They also had black.

    I did see the small zip wallet in violet, but they did not have the coin purse.
  6. Sorry KCD didn't mean to erm what's the word, invade on your thread :sad: *hugs*
  7. Oh invade away!

    I went to Barney's last night and saw for myself at least some of the colors that were out. Since other folks were taking interest in the thread, I figured I'd post what I had found. :smile: That's all I meant by "to answer my own question." But if you find out where to get the Violet, let me know. Now I want it, too!
  8. Hehe, I will! :smile: xx