Coin Purses Somwhere Besides BalNY?

  1. Has anyone seen Coin Purses anywhere besides BalNY? Does NM carry them? I have a personal problem with ordering from BalNY but I want a coin purse!! Let me know if you've seen any and what colors they are. Thanks! :tup:
  2. I've seen coin purses at lots of different shops that sell Balenciaga. Like Saks and Barneys as well as small boutiques. Call around, I'm sure you'll find some ;o)
  3. I've heard NM doesn't carry them. But I know for sure the NM in Houston does not because I asked today when I was there.
  4. Barneys definitely carries them- I've gotten coin purses both from BH and from Copley.
  5. How many different Bal purses are there? I want to get one to match my first bbag :smile:
  6. Barneys does :smile: in their ny, chicago, boston stores..
  7. Barneys may carry coin purses, but right now the Boston area ones don't have any in violet. I'm not sure what color you want, but just wanted to let you know that since I've been trying to track down a violet one.
  8. one of their stores have the violet coin purse ...the one where Jennifer works.... phone # 1-617-969-5354.....they did as of yesterday...
    good luck.....
  9. i know this is slightly off topic but do you know if barneys carries make up clutches too?
  10. not sure....give them a call.....