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  1. :crybaby:So I've been calling all around (without any luck) searching for a rh coin purse in bubblegum pink or eletric blue.... has anyone seen them anywhere? Or any other fun colors in the rh for that matter? I can only find neutrals or GH... someone please help! Thanks so much!

    ps how much are the coin purses anyway? This will be my first!:P
  2. There's an electric blue coin purse on eBay right now! It's $340 or best offer!
  3. Your best bet is to do what I did: go to the nm or barney's website that lists all of their stores with their phone numbers - then sit down and call each one by one until you find what you're looking for or a SA willing to track it down for you.

    Sorry there's no easier answer, but that's really your best bet (minus an online auction sale).

  4. I'm going to Bal Milan to find it out tomorrow...hope I can help you!
  5. i love rh coin purses! i think the one is gh just arn't as sweet looking haha. i really want some i just cant justify spendin 350 on such a small piece
  6. I think RH CPs are $285.
  7. Yes I looked here and saw that 285 was the price but I when i was calling around today someone told me 435... for the CP rh! and I said the rh not gh? and she responded by saying the Gh CP was 535! I really think she had to be wrong... maybe she thought I was asking about another accessory??

    Anyways thanks to everyone whos responded!!! My search continues...
  8. ^ Let me know if you find anything! I've been searching for the same thing as well!!! I'm Scottsdale too by the way, I check neimans at fashion square when i was down last week and nothing but wallets :nogood:
  9. ok Fiji I'll keep another snottsdaler informed! So far I called all the stores on the reputable stores list (that had the #s listed) and nobody had anything of interest... but tomorrows a new day!
  10. There is one BG CP on fleabay at the moment :yes:
  11. Both BG and EB in RH are available at Bal/Milan. If you wish, call them, they are really kind!

  12. VIDA you are amazing!!! I really hope the exchange rate doesn't kill me though!
  13. First I'd just like to say thank you to anyone and everyone who helped out, But my search is over!!! I was able to find BOTH the EBlue and BGpink CPs with RH at Gretta Luxe Boston 781.237.7010!!!! I'm not sure what else they have but if anyone else is looking is worth a try!!! Thanks again!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  14. You're welcome, enjoy them!!!
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