Coin Purse

  1. I purchased this coin purse on ebay, and as you can see it is worn especially on the leather on the buckles. Is there anyway to clean the leather to make it look newer again.
  2. I know a lot of girls use the Apple Guard products to clean their b-bags, or maybe coach cleaner (that's what I use). Congrats, it's very cute!
  3. Oooo...that's so cute! Yeah, I have heard a lot about Apple Guard too, so I would suggest trying that.
  4. Is apple gaurd available in stores?
  5. ^Yes, you can purchase it at Burlington Coat Factory. :yes:

    Congrats on your coin purse! It's so cute! :heart:
  6. I've tried the AG leather conditioner and it removes a little bit of dirt, but if it doesn't work for you, I know someone here had great luck with Coach Leather cleaner on her Sky Blue Twiggy(I think it was Bridget S.--maybe you can try PMing her for details), Lovinmybags also make a leather cleaner.
  7. Thanks so much bridget I think I'm gonna try the coach leather cleaner...!