Coin Purse Question

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  1. I spotted a coin purse i like on aloharag, on sale, and was considering getting it to replace my currently beat up LV, but i was wondering if like the LV and other designer coin purses if this one has a key chain attached as well?
  2. I don't think the Balenciagas do. At least none that I have seen but I'm still a Balenciaga newbie. :flowers:
  3. The coin purses are bigger than you would think.. so no a Key chain attachment wouldn't be logical. I have one and use it in place of a wallet. They are very cute.
  4. No keychain attached.
  5. I bought a black coin purse a moth ago and I was surprised as they are bigger than I thought :nuts: :nuts: . Beautiful...
  6. Hi, is it the white pony one w/ crystals?? I have been eyeing it at aloha rag!!
  7. I have a mini pale pink coin purse thats really small, they have the 2 sizes, I think the bigger one is 6"x4", dont know what mine is but its smaller and a true coin purse. My cell fits perfectly.
  8. I want a coin purse so bad right now......soooo bad......
  9. I have three big sets of keys plus other stuff in mine, love it!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Donna, pics,please :yes:
  11. What is the retail price of each size of coin purse?
    I would also love to view photos of what they can hold...thanks!
  12. I second Carina's request! would love some photos :love:
    Totally itching to get one :sneaky: ... The good news is, it's probably the cheapers Bal splurge, at $285 a pop.
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