coin purse/makeup clutch

  1. hey everyone,
    i would really love to get a coin purse and a makeup clutch im just torn over which colors i should get , anyone have suggestions? (i would get anything ,but no black)

  2. I have a violet MU and love it! It's huge - it has a habit of becoming the bottomless pit inside my bag (which I suppose is a step up from the bag itself being the pit! LOL!)

    It also is a lovely splash of color inside my darker bags!
    violet mu.JPG
  3. How about bubblegum or violet either for the makeup clutch or coin purse
  4. ^^would you know where i could find a bubblegum coin purse? ( do you think it would get dirty easily?)
  5. I have no clue? I'm actually looking for one too but you could always try calling a Barneys or Neimans?

    I don't think it would get dirty easily its not a light pink its a little darker so i think it wouldn't show dirty or what not
  6. The last time I was at Neiman's they had Coin Purses in Bubblegum Pink. This was at Newport Beach, try giving them a call.
  7. I think the question should be 'which colors can you locate'. It seems like there aren't very many available lately. E.G. BalNY only ordered 3-4 in each color! Maybe call around to see which colors are out there, and then you can decide. :heart:
  8. EB clutch??
    turq CP?
  9. is turquoise still available?^^
  10. I would get both in rich & strong colours, nothing light since I am going to be throwing them in my bags. Why not wait for the Turquoise 08 & the Vermillon 08? They might be great POP of colours. Or if you can get your hands on an EB, Violet, Vert Gazon, Tomato, Rouge Vif, it would be great too.
  11. i ll get a turquoise make up, i'm still waiting for it. i think it'll look gorgeous. or a magenta make up, it's very nice too. for the coin purse, i think a jaune, or a violet, or a magenta, all of them are nice and cute. i love CP in fun colors. not in the dark shades.