Coin Purse in Coral Red Online!

  1. I was browsing through the Coach site and noticed they listed the Hampton's coach purse as being available in additional colors. It's been offered only in Mahagony for a while here's the link for all you ladies wanting this cute purse in red!

    Hampton's Coin Purse
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. wow that's awesome! (i already have one, but it's good to know;) )
  4. thanks i wanted a red one SO bad!!! but now im wondering if its a bit $$ :sad: someone talk me into this one! ;)
  5. I just saw that! Cool!

    Personally, I like the emerald better (and I have one)!:yes:
  6. get it slush! :smile: it's gorgeous! if you don't get it now, they will be sold for so much higher on eBay!
  7. the emerald sold out and now is going on eBay for WAY over what it cost.. so maybe the same will happen with the red--
    in any event it's awesome but don't know if i can justify spending that after my recent purchases.. maybe if it's around in 2 weeks :smile:
  8. Very cute- thanks for posting