Coin Purse Help

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  1. This might sound like an odd question but I need to buy a coin purse. I don't want to keep my change in my wallet for fear of damaging the leather. Does anyone know of/use a coin purse they can recommend?
  2. The first thing that jumped into my mind was a Coach mini skinny.
  3. Looking at them now - very cute. :heart:
  4. Must de Cartier retro purse
    Cartier - Must de Cartier retro purse L3000463
    I bought the retrol purse from Pasha de Cartier line (comes with smaller double C logo) a few years ago, I don't remember its price.
  5. That is soo cute!! I love that!:heart:
  6. Balenciaga coin purses are cute.
  7. Wow that's beautiful! I love the color of the leather. Is it hard to obtain?
  8. I saw a pink Balenciaga coin purse that I was thinking about getting but I wonder if it will match for me. :sad:
  9. i love (and much like the regular lv posters) the lv pouchette cles!!! its great for coins, cash (folded) and ccs, it verges on a wristlet becuase it is so multifunctional! best of all it comes in virtually all the lv lines so you can pick and chosse your fave! (i love the mono plus it lasts for ever) but the vernis is very popular right now! i have a prefro cles (that was last/this seasonal cles) it is slightly larger that the normal cles and has many holes through it, it has a bright orange (also came in green and pink) lining which shows up through the holes, anyway since it is larger it also fits my phone (D&G razr) and i use it when i go to the movies, cafes, walks ect. plus all the cleses double up as functional bag charms i love my cles and i think everyone should have one htey are so great! dont underestimate them, i did but when i got it and started using it i love as much as my bag!
  10. No. =) It's available at Cartier boutiques. =)
  11. i have an LV Multicolore cles, and love it!
  12. I just use a Coach all leather coin purse. That way I dont worry about it getting ruined. However, I dont carry much change so its just been sitting on my bookcase.
  13. ^ That is adorable.