coin purse- hard to find???

  1. :heart:I want a Balenciaga coin purse:heart:.....I just emailed aloha rag to find out what they have in stock. My question is this....
    Do the coin purses come up on ebay much? I just did a search and didnt find any. And when they do come up, do they sell for pretty much retail? I am just trying to decide if I should wait and try to get a cheaper one on ebay. I saw a post here with a beautiful bubble gum pink one that was found for around $150. Is this a very rare occurence????Or just say f*** it and get one now??
  2. I don't think they show up on ebay much. I personally got mine from BalNY because I know exactly what color I want and I didn't want to wait & risk not getting one. If you don't care which colors though, you might find one on sale. Like these pony hair ones are on sale at Aloha Rag right now for 50% off
    aloha rag online select shop :: women :: sale items
  3. thanks hatikuh-
    yeah. i can't do the pony hair. it freaks me out!
  4. I bought mine for about 170$ at Harvey Nichols in London when they were on sale. They shipped it to me. Just wait for the next sale to come if you don't want to pay full retal price.
  5. Isn't the coin purse discontinued? correct me if i am wrong
  6. the mini coin purse is discontinued (I think last time was in s/s 05 but don't quote me on that). The regular coin purse is larger (about 4x6) and is still continued through f/w 06
  7. it's a very cute style...i was thinking of one myself but decided to save up for a clutch!
  8. I've been searching too!! They used to come up on eBay every once and a while (but that was before I wanted one!) and I believe there was a magenta, a bronze, and just recently a black and they all went for roughly around $200 maybe? I was lucky enough to find the mini one and I love it. If you like any of the colors that are out right now I would sugget getting it asap!!! Maybe in a rouge VIF? ;) If you come across a discontinued color you like better down the line on eBay I would say you could probably sell the one you have for a pretty decent price.