Coin purse came with reissue 225?

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  1. Hi!
    I was wondering if there came a coin purse with the reissue? I believe it's the reissue 225 in distressed leather. Did the coin purse came with the bag (bought 2008-2009)? You can click it inside or use seperately and it also has the reissue lock.

    I need help!!
  2. Yes the coin bag did come with the bag. You can clip the coin bag onto the chain or take it out your bag will then look like a normal reissue. You may clip the coin bag to your jeans it is super cute. The bags came in metallic colors. If u need other info do post them here as I've got one in metallic silver myself. Cheers
  3. its the 'mummy and baby" bag! that was a cute piece!!

  4. Hi Thanks so much! All info you have on it? from what year? do they still make them? is it popular (keeps value)? how does the leather hold up? how is the size compared to the CC ML flap? what does it fit? How long is the chain?
    The one i'm thinking about buying is black with gunmetal hw. it has a shine on it, like i believe most of them have? I think it would be great, because i already have the jumbo and maxi now, to complete my collection with this evening bag?TIA!
  5. Anyone with more details about this one? Especially how much it will hold and how is de size in compared to the ML flap?