Coin holders

  1. Does Chanel make coin holders that look kind of like mini wallets? I'm wondering if they have something that has maybe two divided sections in which you can keep a little bit of cash in one side and driver's license and a CC or two in the other part. Pics and prices are appreciated!
  2. Hi Tammy..I have one and I took pics but I can't find my cord to transfer it to my computer...just give me a minute. :smile:
  3. Yay I found it...the official name I think is ID Holder and it is from the timeless classic collection, its made of lambskin and it was retailed at $215 when I bought in back in July. It has a place in the middle for coins and cash then two slots in the back and one in the front for id cards.

    *Just found the style number it is A31510 and I purchased from Chanel at Shore Hills.
    wallet1.jpg wallet2.jpg
  4. LOVE it!! Are the CCs gold or silver?
  5. Thanks tbbbjb, the ccs are silver.
  6. I was afraid of that. Does it come in gold or only silver? Thx for checking :smile:

  7. are these the one you are looking for....:rolleyes:
    ch-ko060225-1-1.jpg ch-ko060225-1-5.jpg ch-ko060225-1-7.jpg ch-ko060518-3-1.jpg ch-ko060705-2-1.jpg 31507-bk-0.jpg
  8. This is similar to what I'm talking to about, except without the back part, and it wouldn't fold open like that.

    If anyone is familiar with LV Porte Monnaie Plats, that's kind of what I'm talking about.
  9. This is cute. Is the middle section for cash and coins zippered? Also, I'm curious to know if the CC's come in gold also.
  10. how abt these...
    img10353074552.jpg img10353263115.jpg img10353263119.jpg img10353263121.jpg img10353263123.jpg con-31504cr-d.jpg
  11. ^^I just purchase that little wallet in the Bordeaux color. I love it.

    It's fits my credit cards, money and coins.
  12. Yes, these are exactly what I am talking about. Thanks for finding the pics. Do you happen to know what these cost? Also, I know Chanel doesn't really name most of their items, but would you just ask for a change holder?
  13. ^ I think those are in the $350 range . I don't know the name , sorry .
  14. Thanks! That's about what I was thinking they would be.
  15. here in NL is abt 230 euros ......i think they called it small coin purse...dunno what the exact name.....