Coin compartment in Bearn wallets

  1. How large is the coin compartment? I always have tons of coins and I've had trouble finding a wallet that can hold enough coins without being massively deformed.

    I'm looking at a Bearn compact wallet... Anyone has feedback on that?

    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. it's the length of the wallet.
  3. From my experience, the Bearn wallet holds up quite a bit of coins without being too bulky. I personally love mine because of the compact size even with coins. However, I wouldn't stuff it to death with coins :wlae:
  4. :smile: What do you mean?

    LaVan: Thanks! I'm concerned about the stuffing to death of coins that tends to happen with me. Perhaps a sign that I need to get rid of the coins!
  5. You can buy a separate coin purse ... Hermès makes little cute coin purses in the form of animals or fruits.
  6. Perja.....from one coin "collector" (and I use that terms loosely!) to another, here's what I do.

    I ONLY carry with me quarters and dimes. Everything else goes into a jar at home. This way my 16-year old has something to raid when the going gets tough and I don't have tons of loose change in my wallet.

    Works like a charm!
  7. I use a separate coin purse instead of the zip pocket on my bearn.
  8. Me too.
  9. Please, do not tempt me so, lol! I've seen a really cute orange slice one the other day...
  10. shopmom, I like your idea!
  11. I love my compact Bearn, but I have to admit that it's not the easiest wallet I've ever used, especially when it comes to coins. On a compact Bearn, the coin compartment isn't very large, and the coins get kinda wedged in between the folds, so sometimes when I'm trying to reach for a penny or dime, I have to fish it out of them.
  12. Beside Bearn and Dogon wallet, what other wallets are there at Hermes? I think I saw only these two...
  13. ^^I've only seen this 2 wallets so far. I'm not aware of others.
  14. Coins are tough...I find most wallets of any brand designer don't allow enough room for coins. The best ones have the framing. Ages ago I had a LV and it really held lots of coins because it was framed. The all leather isn't meant for a lot of stash.

    Like it was need a separate holder! I think I am smelling oranges here!!!
  15. Kellybag, I agree with you on LV. Although I love Hermes, I think the LV wallets are one of the more functional and durable wallets in the designer market if you are not that gentle with your wallet (like me -- I have tons of "point cards" and tend to carry more cash here!) -- I have "Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois "

    Although that doesn't mean I wouldn't also use a Hermes coin purse!