Coiled bangle bracelets (or what I did over Thanksgiving)

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  1. I am particularly pleased :nuts:with the way these jewelry pieces came out, and wanted to share them with you.

    As promised in my thread in the general discussion (see: Back from the holiday), here are some pics of some of my new coiled bangle bracelets. (I made four of them over the past weekend, and have two more ready to coil). The technique is from a tutorial by Eni Oken, and they feature hand made lampwork glass beads by a couple of artists whose work I particularly like.

    I'd love to read any feedback you care to give.
    Thanks for looking!


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  2. They are lovely!!! and such long does it take you to make it?
  3. They are beautiful! Very unique and colorful. Love them!
  4. Beautiful! :yes:
  5. Beauuutiful bracelets Pippi!!! :flowers: I really like the colors of the glass beads.
  6. Way to go!!! While I have some of her tutorials I've only managed to make one of the items so far.

    I am loving the photos with snow! We just had snow this week and was considering taking some photos of my jewelry in the snow. It makes a great background! LOL
  7. About 5-6 hours.

    I haven't stopped since I got them! My mind is reeling with ideas for more pieces! If only I didn't have to sleep......

    I think I want to take pics of all my stuff in the snow! It is like putting it on a light table, because the light can actually pass through the snow. We just got 6-7 inches on monday, so there is plenty to work with!:biggrin:
  8. I absolutely LOVE those bracelets! Very unique! Are they for sale? I've been looking at Stephen Dweck's line for quite some time. Your pieces remind me of them a little bit.
  9. They're gorgeous! :love: The silver lizard is the perfect touch! When are they going up on your website?
  10. WOW! Thanks! His stuff is gorgeous! I will be selling them on my website (I have three made up, and two more in the works. I do custom orders, too), but they won't be posted until this weekend at the earliest. I won't be able to get pics of all of them until then, as it is dark or getting that way by the time I get home during the week. PM me if you want more info.
  11. Here are some pics of the other two bracelets I made over the holiday, and a new set from my winter collection featuring turquoise drops and faceted garnet beads.


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  12. Wow, those are gorgeous! I especially love the detail of the salamander climbing across the stone:smile: