COH Fayes

  1. Anybody tried the "Faye" style by COH? (They're sort of a flare/trouser style.) If so, how's the fit? Does COH run small or large?

    I saw a pair at Nordstrom's Rack today for $75.00 and I'm thinking of going back for them. (I didn't try them on, because I was on my lunch hour and had to get back ASAP.) Just curious if they're actually worth my time and money, though...
  2. I have 3 pairs of Faye's. (one in maternity and 2 regular) For $75, I would buy them all in my size! They fit true to size, but I find them always too long and I always have to get them hemmed. (I'm a 33 in. hem but COHs are always 34 to 35 in.)
  3. I also think that they run TTS. They're a really flattering style for me, but I also have to have the length altered
  4. I have them. I think they're true to size too. I did try on both a 26 and 27 though and found that there was little difference b/w the two which was kinda weird. Maybe it's just me haha. I love them, but I rarely wear them because the tailor made them a little too short, I can only wear them with flats. So sad :crybaby: